Welcome to Secret Hearts a project by EnVerre - Fused Glass

Secret Hearts was started by a glass artist living in Medway, Kent.  The artist initially made 150 hearts for the staff on the COVID wards at Medway Maritime Hospital. After sending these in anonymously, she had some left over so hung them in trees and on fences in the local area for others to find, in the hope that it might brighten their day during a cold and dark lockdown period.  She had noticed that may people were feeling down and hopeless and wanted to do something that might just give them a little lift.

It made her smile to see people posting their finds on social media and saying how much happiness their little hearts had brought them - so she continued - despite having broken her wrist quite badly hanging the very first batch of hearts. She started a Facebook page so that people could share their finds. You can access it here.

Many people asked to buy the hearts, but the artist didn't start hanging them around to make money out of people, so she refused to sell them. After hanging a total of 1500 hearts around the area, she relented and decided to sell some so that she could continue to spread the love by hanging hearts for people to find. Glass art is expensive and there's only so much that one person can put in before having to recoup some expenses. By the end of April 2021, just under 6000 hearts have been hidden around the country.

On discovering that the artist had broken her wrist, others offered to help hang the hearts, this was wonderful as it meant that the hearts could now be hung all over Medway without anyone having to leave their local area to either hang or find a heart. The 'hiders' are asked to keep their secret to continue the magic of no one knowing who hangs the hearts - or indeed who makes them.

Secret Hearts also makes the Rainbow hearts sold by the Club AUsome Charity. The charity organiser saw them and was impressed and asked if they could have some to sell. Secret Hearts only charges them for materials, the hours of work involved in making and firing them is given with love. The pattern sold by the charity can only be purchased via them, Secret Hearts do not sell them.

If you'd like to buy a heart, please click on the shop and have a browse. Secret Hearts makes all sorts of hearts, the artist can also take commissions for events such as weddings, parties and funerals etc. Little glass hearts make fabulous, inexpensive gifts that can be posted for the cost of a large letter. They're also fun to collect and look pretty hung in groups with the light shining through them and bringing them to life.

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